Advantages of Private Schools Near Davisville in Toronto

Advantages of Private Schools Near Davisville in Toronto

Private Schools in the Davisville Area


The GTA is home to some of Canada's finest private schools, and several of these are in the Davisville area.  Many parents know that private school education has a lot to offer, but feel that it's out of reach financially for their family. However, investigating the possibility of private school for your children is always a good idea. There are organizations that offer bursaries to families seeking private education for their children. Some Davisville area schools offer scholarships to high-achieving students; still others provide tuition assistance.  You may discover that private school fees are more affordable than you expect, as private schools provide many things for your children that you might otherwise have to pay for separately. 


Public School Challenges


If your child is currently enrolled in public school, you may be aware of the many challenges faced by schools in the Toronto District School Board. Several TDSB schools are overcrowded. Some lack facilities, or are using facilities that need refurbishing. Budget cutbacks mean that classes are larger than ever, and that support staff is at a minimum. Large numbers of ESL students along with increasing numbers of learning-challenged students complicate teaching loads. Teachers often spend a disproportionate amount of time dealing with students with behavioral problems, and some schools are even dealing with incidents of gang violence.


If you want your child to have a superior education at a school that emphasizes achievement and good values, consider one of the private schools in the Davisville area. The "return” on your investment in their education can be a bright and fulfilling future!



The Private School Advantage


Private schools in the GTA usually have low student-teacher ratios, which allows all students to fully participate in class discussions. Smaller class sizes also allow teachers to evaluate students more thoroughly, and to provide them with help with concepts in a timely fashion.


Private schools provide a safe and secure environment. Better private schools feature spacious and well maintained facilities. Students who cause problems are usually dealt with quickly and decisively.  


Superior private schools offer comprehensive athletic programs. With today's children identified as the least physically active generation in history, better schools recognize that getting all students involved in a sport is desirable. Some programs offer traditional team sports (soccer, hockey, volleyball, basketball, softball) along with individual sports (tennis, swimming, track) and less conventional activities (Frisbee, table tennis.)


Private schools also offer many extracurricular activities. These may include photography club, debating society, math club, drama club, art club, music club, robotics club, chess club, or even investors' club.


Private schools make an effort to instill children with timeless values. Respect for others, a strong work ethic, responsibility, self-motivation, integrity, and more are valued at better schools. 


Investigate the possibility of sending your child to a GTA private school. A good education is the cornerstone of a successful future!


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